Dear users!

A new version of AX64 Time Machine has been released!  Notable new features include the ability to export backup to VHD(x) and VMDK.

The next release we hope to bring support for disks of greater than >2TB.

You can download it from here

The contains the following new features, bug fixes and optimizations.

New Features

  • Feature: Provide an export feature that will export the backup to VHD(x), VMDK
  • Feature: Change timeline <5Min descriptions to “Now”
  • Feature: Update System Tray Icon during backup and merge
  • Added Thai and Greek languages.


Bug Fixes and optimizations:

  • wxWindow Debug alert: wxEVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_LOST
    BUG: Timer issue: Couldn’t create a timer (error 1400: invalid window handle)
  • Bug: Backup process progressively slower
  • WinPE: Can’t boot rescue media created under EFI on non-EFI configuration and inversely
  • BUG: Prompt for Windows disc when building WinPE on 8.1
    Bug: Windows system volumes don’t display the right icon
  • WinPE: Can’t boot as NON-EFI rescue media created from Win2012 R2/Win2012R1 ALL (EFI/NON-EFI)

Thanks for your ongoing support!


Best regards,


the AX64 Team.