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Time Machine is extremely easy to setup, offers fast single-click manual backups, as well as continuous protection with automatic backups. This makes Time Machine perfect for inexperienced users who need to fully protect their PCs with minimal effort.

Time Machine saves backups as images which are exact copies of your entire drive, including all files, programs, preferences and operating system.


  • Allows you to recover from virtually any disaster including system crashes, virus infections, disk failures and more.
  • Saves you from worrying about which files to select for backup, and how to restore your entire system.


Advanced PC users will find the unmatched speed of Time Machine useful as a snapshotting tool.

Here are some examples:

  • You take a snapshot with Time Machine then decide to try out new software. It turns out you don’t like the new software, so you use Time Machine to revert to a previous point in time. It takes just 1 minute and the unwanted software is gone completely.
  • You find out that Windows update has broken your favorite software. Time Machine allows you to quickly revert your system to the “no updates” state and you continue work as usual.



The Backup browser looks and works just like Windows Explorer so viewing and recovering your files from within your backups has never felt more natural. Instantly switch between your backups by clicking on the time points. To recover individual files simply view, drag, drop, copy or paste!


Under the hood, Time Machine is technologically complex. But we keep the experience as simple as possible on the surface. There are essentially only two buttons to operate: one to make backups and the other to view or restore backups. The majority of operations are automated or only take one or two clicks. All information is shown in real-time and presented in a beautiful and minimalist dashboard.


Time Machine automatically performs backups every hour. Everything occurs silently in the background and there is no performance impact. Set a drive, tell Time Machine to use it, and relax.


Roll backwards and forwards between your backups in just seconds to minutes. Travel to different points in time with unmatched speed and ease-of-use.


Backups are stored as images. These are exact copies of all the contents of your hard disk. Nothing is missed. Even if your hard disk fails, you can restore to a brand new disk and start exactly where you left off.


Time Machine can monitor and automatically backup all of your disk drives. You set the drives you want to protect and Time Machine will back them up automatically.

Bare-Metal Restore

If your hard drive fails, you can easily restore a backup onto a new one, recovering your system exactly as it was before.

Snapshot Tool

Time Machine can be used as a snap-shot tool. Travel backwards and forwards between backup points in seconds to minutes.

Ultra Fast Incrementals

Time Machine only backs up and recovers the differences between PC states resulting in ultra fast backup & recovery speeds.

Set and Forget

Time Machine automatically takes hourly backups that occur silently in the background with no performance impact.

Rescue Media

Create a backup environment using our Rescue Media to view backups and restore your PC when Windows can’t boot.

Backup Browser

Instantly view and restore individual files and folders from your backups using our powerful backup browser.

Backup to Anywhere

You can backup to virtually any type of storage, including internal, external and network drives.

Simple User Interface

Simplicity is the key. Complex tasks occur behind the scenes while you can relax that your data is protected.

Server Professional Features

Remote Control (Coming soon)

Remote control Time Machine from another PC on the same local network. Perform backup operations remotely for ultimate flexibility and convenience within your organisation.

Command Line Tool

CMD tool is designed for the advanced user who wants to control every aspect of their backup needs. Can be used with script languages ideal for automating repetitive tasks.

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