Questions & Answers

QWhat is AX64 Time Machine?

AA set and forget backup solution. Time Machine works silently in the background so you can have peace of mind you’re always protected.

QHow does it work?

AOnce you select the disk you want to backup and where you want to save it, Time Machine will quickly copy all the data and then perform backups hourly. With the touch of a button you can then roll back your entire computer to any previous point in time.

QCan I select certain files to backup?

ATime machine will backup everything on your disk, you wont miss anything. You can even view and open any file in the ‘backup browser’. It works just like Windows explorer.

QWhere are all the bells and whistles?

AIt’s all under the hood. Time machine is designed to work without needing a manual. Just two buttons to perform your main tasks. Backup and restore has never been easier.

QWhy are you better than other similar services?

ATime Machine makes backup and recovery simple by performing images of your Windows system and allowing you to restore your PC to a previous point in time in just seconds to minutes.

QWhere do I get the Windows Server version

ADownload the one and only version for all computers including server and 32/64 bit. Once you enter your serial number it will be finalized as the version you paid for.

QMy lifetime serial key does not work in the software.

AWhen you purchase a key it will always work and never expire for that specific version. Users can upgrade to minor versions like 2.2 to 2.3 however must make a purchase at a discounted rate to a major release like 3 to 4.

QWhy do birds suddenly appear, every time I am near?

AJust like us, they long to be close to you.

QWhat kind of support do I get?

AWe care! You can email us, go to the Feedback and Support page or simply talk to me right now via Live Chat at the bottom right of the page. We are here to help because you’re important.

QDo you guys offer a reseller program?

AYes, there is a button just above “Become a Reseller” on the website.

QWhy am I so darn good looking?

AYou were just born that way.